Young woman with a leopard

Custom tailored Fine Art

Created for you

Custom tailored Fine Art

After several AlchemE Mentor™ sessions that helped you connect more to the energies of creation and know what extraordinary is in various domains of your life and after exploring and experiencing the energetic mastery in your life, you are ready to take a photo of the new version of you. It can be taken by Bri or by any photographer of your choice at that point, and Bri can turn your digital photo of yourself, your fabulous loved ones, friends, your amazing team into a unique, extravagant, sublime artwork that represents a more coherent version of who you are. All we need is a high quality photograph of you and/or your loved ones, all the rest is created for you. The custom tailored composite that will be printed and mounted by international and Italian specialists. It will be carefully packed and shipped to you wherever you are in the world. Your physical presence is not even required for this process. If you choose to travel and meet Bri in person, she can joyfully cooperate even more with you, creating all the portraits necessary for the divine composite.

The Earth Without Art Is Just "Eh"
Let us create for you!

original photo taken by Bri

Work in progress

The composite

Basic portrait of a young woman
Young woman with leo
Leopard image with a teenager

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A different idea

If you have a photo, but it's not high-res and you still want something unique after the sessions, this is an idea you can consider. It was hand drawn in a computer program blended with an article written about what 'passionately sharing your gifts and lighting others up with it' means in this New World.

Digitally handdrawn


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