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The quality of your life partly depends on them

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions and how big is your system.
donny epstein

Spice of the emotions

That's the name of the poster. It collects many emotions at the same time and gives you the opportunity to continuously engage with them when you hang the poster on your wall. You can choose two or three, blend them together as one and observe what happens in your life and in the life of people around you. What can you do if you are not familiar with what blending emotions means? If you are curious, you can read some of the content of HERE and if that inspires you, you can book a mentor session!

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You have many options to choose from. Light and dark versions, ones that you receive rolled, others that you receive already framed and last but not least vertical, horizontal and square versions. 

When you desire to receive this a poster and welcome its entangled energy in your home, study or office, all you do is click on the button below and choose the version that best serves you and buy it. They all ship from Europe, United States and Australia so they can be easily ordered worldwide!

If you choose a rolled version, it's simple. When you receive it  just lay down your poster with the printing side up on a clean flat surface. When you unroll your rolled posters they will need a little time to get flat. When you lay it down, gently make any curls flat and put a weight on each corner. Coffee table books work great, they are heavy enough and they don’t scratch the surface.  A great way to hang posters without frame is to use double-sided poster tape. You are ready to play with it.

In case you choose a framed version there is not too much to do. All you need is to choose where is the best place for it. You hang it there.  The most adequate place is a place where you usually stay. That way it can constantly catch your attention and invite you to engage with it. You can involve in the game your family, too! This second part is true regardless what version you chose. Be aware of the novelty this experience creates in your life and involve as many people as possible to participate in it with you! 

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