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Sacred geometry

Flower of Life

Sacred geometry plays a very important part in my life. I started to see these sacred dynamic geometrical shapes in specifically located coordinates in the Energy field. They grow and shrink, emanate and change color; they dynamically become more simple and more complex multi-dimensional shapes. They are very responsive to the specific amount and type of energy they are representing.


Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

Andre Gide

The flower of life is particularly meaningful. It is a very recognized symbol in the future’s intricate space as well as in many parts of the ancient world. It represents the cycle of creation and the interconnectedness of all life.
I don’t ask you to meditate on any of them. I’m asking you to consciously observe, experience, and share your uniquely connected experience with me and with others.

Exclusive artwork
The flower of life

It is a museum-quality acrylic print. Made in Italy. Extraordinary Italian craftsmanship. Bri decided to work exclusively with one specific Italian company to honour their passion for beauty and art, the handmade craft, their attention to details, and to guarantee quality. All the the 3 are available. Size of the individuals: 29 x 39” and 75 x 100cm. 

Brilliant Image
Artwork, the title is Just Bloom

The acrylic is printed on a 3cm / 1.18” wide wooden frame that gives a depth to the picture. The depth of the acrylic is 3mm. Each of them, the Golden Brilliance, the Just Bloom and the Celestial Flower of Life have the same size and all of them with a little modification can be used in both vertical and horizontal position.

Free shipping in most parts of Europe, the US, and Canada. The artworks are ready to be hung on the wall with a beautifully finished back part, including a certificate of authenticity.

Acrylic print with depth
Back size of art

Header image of the artwork
Spontaneous abundance

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