About photography

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reativity, and in particular artistic creativity, has always been a big part of my life. I knew I felt a strong connection to photography, but I did not yet have the full answer at this time.
While doing “energy” exercises, there was one thing that became clear to me. I had until then not been consciously aware of it. It was my ability to easily relate and connect with people at a personal level. The last push I got for my new direction came from an emotional memory of my father. After he passed away, I realised that I had only ever taken one series of professional photographs of him. These photos are now a priceless part of his legacy.

I have the honour to transform each of my clients’ fragile self-images into a spark that makes them radiate a special glow from the inside out.

M erging the impact my father’s photos have had with my love for working with people, has brought me to a new pathway, portrait photography. Sincerely, I find it the best biz ever. It’s a business that enables me to transform the images of ordinary people.
The personal transformation process is a double makeover that clients can do together with the people they love. It starts with the help me and my team give each of them with their casual outer image, styling their hair and makeup, followed by me seeing their vulnerabilities through the lens of my camera. I have the honour to transform each of their fragile self-images into a spark that makes them radiate a special glow from the inside out. They become proud, confident, and unstoppable. It’s incredible. Their beautiful magazine style pictures are secondary by- products of this process that encapsulate the real experience: the emotions, energy, love, and confidence that they felt during the photo shoot. They carry home tangible prints that help them remember that they are worthy and beautiful inside and out.
This is where photography, mindfulness, transformation, and giving great service are able to connect in my life.

commercial clients/clienti commerciali

Clients, working with me directly or indirectly licensing my work through Stocksy United. Clienti che lavorano con me direttamente o tramite l’agenzia canadese,  Stocksy United.

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