All of the art work and the experiences were created with the conscious expression of what rapturous celebration of life means in this transition phase we are living globally. Please click here when you desire to have an experience with Bri. She also creates custom made Fine Art for You. It’s a very conscious way of creating together with integrating guidance from the higher order.
You can select categories right under the title: CREATED FOR YOU
Enjoy the Art’s Essence!

Initial session plus follow-up

0001 – Experience First session and follow-up

1 session

001 – Experience 1 session

5 sessions

002 – Experience 5 sessions

8 sessions

003 – Experience 8 sessions

Human floral lungs artwork

013 – Blooming Health – Lungs

Human heart with flowers

014 – Blooming Health – Heart

Ribcage with flowers

015 – Blooming Health – Ribcage

New York paper cut print

016 – New York Print Agril

Paper cut dark image

017 – New York Print Bryll

Creative paper city cut

018 – New York Print Cryll

Fantasy image of giraffes

019 – Connection

Banner of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

020 – Divine Feminine and Masculine