All of the artworks were created with the conscious expression of a specific Gap of where we are individually and collectively and where we are called to be in this special transition phase we are living globally. She also creates custom made Fine Art for You. It’s a very conscious way of creating together with the guidance of Creation’s codesfrom the higher order.
Enjoy the Essence of the Art!

Feminine Fest artwork

019 – Feminine Fest

Feminine and masculine union

020- The Union

Artwork of Masculine Quest

021 – Masculine Quest

Artwork tondo

022 – Magical Unity (blend)

Magical unity artwork

023 – Magical Unity (black)

Circular artwork

024 – Magical Unity (white)


025 – The expression of Peace


026 – The expression of Magic

Magic on the wall

027 – The expression of Love

028 – The expression of Magic Version 4

029 – The expression of Magic Version 3

030 – The expression of Magic Version 2