All of the art work and the experiences were created with the conscious expression of what rapturous celebration of life means in this transition phase we are living globally. Bri creates custom made Fine Art for You. It happens in a dynamic, joyful and collaborative way with clients. Have a look at here!
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Enjoy the Art’s Essence!

Access to 2 sessions

01 Experience 2 sessions

Access to 6 sessions

02 Experience 6 sessions

Access to 10 sessions

03 Experience 10 sessions

Access to 2 weekend sessions

04 Experience 2 weekend sessions

Access to 6 sessions in the weekend

05 Experience 6 weekend sessions

10 session experience in the weekend

06 Experience 10 weekend sessions

Translucent Floral Nature square image

07 Translucent Floral Nature

Translucent art on dark surface

08 Translucent Floral Connection

Floral design created by the artis

09 Translucent Floral Expression

Artwork framed in square

10 Translucent Floral Gaze

Square version of fine art

11 Translucent Floral Love

Square version of the artwork

12 Translucent Floral Art