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Reality is optional

Reality is optional

It’s far from an airy fairy bias. It is a very tangible experience. It requires energy witnessing like a child who has an intriguingly strong drive to explore Life as it is, to see the invisible together with the visible and explore the correlations between them. It’s different than the mental concepts. This is where I invite you with this new image! Explore life with new eyes and realEyes something novel, that rocks your world.

Aethereal is a very symbolic image.


It fuses ether with real! 


The Artwork that's the tipping point
Living room

You need magic!

Rob Brezsny

This is from Rob Brezsny's new book: "Every day, we must wade through relentless swarms of soul-less information. The experience tends to shut down our sense of wonder. Every day, we are over-exposed to narratives that are drained of delight and mystery. We must make strenuous and ingenious efforts to ensure our world is enchanted. I aspire to contribute to the sacred cause of feeding our sense of wonder and enchantment. That's one of my prime motivations for offering you (and me!) my creative work. PS: Factual information and reasonable thinking alone are not sufficient to guide us through life's labyrinthine tests. We need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation. One of our inalienable rights as human beings should be to receive mysteriously."

You can find his book here.

Back size of art
Acrylic print with depth

It is a museum-quality acrylic print. Made in Italy. Extraordinary Italian craftsmanship. Bri decided to work exclusively with one specific Italian company to honour their passion for beauty and art, the handmade craft, their attention to details, and to guarantee quality. All the the 3 are available. Size of the individuals: 29 x 39” and 75 x 100cm.

The acrylic is printed on a 3cm / 1.18” wide light or dark wooden frame that gives a depth to the picture. The depth of the acrylic is 3mm.

Free shipping in most parts of Europe, the US, and Canada. The artworks are ready to be hung on the wall with a beautifully finished back part, including a certificate of authenticity.

Header image of the artwork
Spontaneous abundance

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