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Spontaneous abundance

Distinctly connecting twin versions

Spontaneous abundance

The richness of the colors, shapes, and textures and the way they blend and contrast each other at the same time. The synchronistic threads and the wildness of life. Sometimes you see the whole world of it. Sometimes a little detail invites you to an unexpected journey through an invisible wormhole, and all of a sudden you are in another space.

Sometimes a little detail invites you to an unexpected journey

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artwork: Futuristic spontaneous abundance
Artwork: Spontaneous abundance with chemistry

It has a familiar taste, a familiar texture, and a familiar shape, and it reminds you of home. You see the cavalcade of threads woven together. It’s all so perfect and chaotic; sometimes it seems to make sense, and sometimes it’s completely incomprehensible. It’s wide and expansive, and then something precise catches your attention. It surprises you in many ways; it seems scary, and before a faint “oh, no, please don’t let that happen” would leave your lips, you simultaneously know that it’s a gift for someone in some way. You know that, and you also know that you don’t have to know. Oh, another wormhole and another vortex. You continue the journey. A variety of oscillations and vibrations kiss it all together, and something just clicks. All of a sudden, it’s clear. It’s purposeful; it doesn’t make sense at all, but you know it’s true. It has a specific meaning, and it’s different from what you thought it would be. It’s flickering in and out, and you know it’s here, too. It requires continuous dedication, alignment, and spontaneous directions.
By now, you know, what seemed to be separate in reality is part of the same cavalcade of interwoven threads that intentionally enrich the world and guide us all.

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The individual pieces were created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and with the help of AI. The actual pieces used from AI were manually curated and selected out of hundreds of prompts that created the very specific elements the project required; they were cut out, arranged and manually put together. Several pieces were digitally painted from scratch so that one synergetic piece could resonate with what the art represents together with its visible and invisible parts.
EnJoy its mystery!

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Artwork on wall
Artwork hanging on wall

It is a Limited Edition museum-quality acrylic print. Made in Italy. Extraordinary Italian craftsmanship. Bri decided to work exclusively with one specific Italian company to honour their passion for beauty and art, the handmade craft, their attention to details, and to guarantee quality. Both pictures are available as individual artworks and also as twin acrylic prints. Size of the individuals: 29 x 39” and 75 x 100cm.

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Both artworks together
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The size of the twins:
23 x 31” and 60 x 80cm / each. At least a space for 31 x 54" and 31” 80 cm x 138cm is required that includes 8 cm / 3” space between the images.

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LIMITED EDITION. Only 10 of each — the Futuristic spontaneous abundance, the Spontaneous abundance with chemistry, and 10 of the twins will ever be sold to their new custodians. They are ready to decorate your space and take you on a new journey every day.

Acrylic print with depth
Back size of art

The acrylic is printed on a 3cm / 1.18” wide wooden frame that gives a depth to the picture. The depth of the acrylic is 3mm.

Free shipping in most parts of Europe, the US, and Canada. The artworks are ready to be hung on the wall with a beautifully finished back part, including a certificate of authenticity.

If you have a unique idea that you would like to see become reality in the physical realm, let us know and let’s collaborate!

Collaboration with Kristen Ragusin

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