Collaboration with Kristen Ragusin

The end of scarcity

Visual fused with words

Art is a sacred form of expression! An indirect, or direct dialogue, allowing a creative communication, spark of new ideas, revolutions through canvas, words, performance, or a blank space. Whether it is through writing, music, dance, or visual art, all different kinds of artists are forming a voice through their passions. When artists collaborate, they allow synergy to generate new ideas, and are giving birth to new forms that never wouldn’t have been possible if working individually. The power of synergy unlocks a new dimension of creativity that transcends the individual capability, inviting everyone to be in the space of unlimited possibilities. Here you can find the first piece from the collaborative interplay between Kristen Ragusin and Bri Boros. It happened effortlessly when Bri was inspired to create very specific works of art after reading Kristen's book "The end of scarcity - The dawn on the abundant world". Kristen loved the idea and they decided to dynamically blend the image with Bri's words into one piece.

What if we could end scarcity in our world forever?

Kristen Ragusin

The end of scarcity wall art
Art on the wall

Abundance is a real experience

Abundance is not a philosophy, or theory. It is not something that you will eventually achieve in the future!  It is a real experience. You are either already engaging with it, or not yet.  It requires your active and conscious participation with creation!

There is no effort involved in the abundant self organization of Life! Who you can be, the ways that you share the gifts that have been given to you, and how you impact other people, is based on simple, energetic recipes.  It can be compared to the art of “cooking”.  The preparation, actual cooking, presentation, and the serving of the food can all be representations of a habitual way of doing something, without specific emotions involved.  It can also be the expression of sublime, abundant, culinary art!  In the second, the intention already holds an abundant vision, and the outcome for a shared experience is filled with light.  Every step in the process is like a dynamic dance between the ingredients, and the human beings tenderly, and tenaciously working hands, driven by the heart of existence. The result, as well as the delicious culinary experience, is also enriched by the shared space between loved ones, friends, and colleagues, connected by lifelong bonds. The connection is fused with joy, love, and appreciation.  Which is the experience you would prefer to engage with from now on?     

This piece can help you to remember the glowing power of abundant creativity!  The museum quality acrylic print Size: 29" x 42" / 74 cm x  109cm is available now.  Please contact us if you would prefer a different size.  Free shipping in the US and Canada.

The power lying dormant in us is waiting for us to wake up - we've had it all along.

the end of scarcity (book)

Excerpt from the book

What are you working on?"

"Reviewing the idea that there are two ways to design money: the scarcity-model and the abundance-model. It reinforces the simple truth about our money that you shared with me the first day, when we had lunch at Stephanie's in the Back Bay-that the money we use is the cause of all our problems. We truly waste our energy fighting with each other, lost in our politics, economics, and social views where the cause of scarcity can never be found, let alone the solution."

“It's bittersweet, isn't it?" I said, "The problem is clear, it is our money. Yet, we cannot discover this where we invest our precious energy looking, spinning our wheels, creating endless division and hatred amongst ourselves. And, yet, the good news is we invest our our money. that the solution is simple. We only need to change the way we do money."

The paradox
The paradox

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