The paradox

The paradox

Life is a journey of becoming that which we already are.


The paradox

True story!!! The paradox of humankind. There is so much to say about this and at the same time when you are truly connected it’s not necessary, you innately know it ✧*: :。・:*: ☆ :。・:*:・゚ ✧ It's called the miracle of life. How many times are you aware of and do you aknowledge your energetic, translucent  origin that miraculously appeared as a crystalline structure, your physical body in this dimension? It was generously given to you by Creation to be able to live, help, give, share with others the magic of life. EnJoy the artwork!

the artwork - museum quality acrylic print

the moving image


If you want this piece to make you remember the essential knowing, or if you desire to breathe the space between the words and want it to decorate your home, let us know! It’s ready!
Size: 33 x 48" / 85 x 123cm. If you would like to have a different size, please contact us!
US and Canada free shipping! If you live in a different country, please let us know!

Work of art

Horse Love
Flowing passion

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