Experience with Bri

If you are filled with gluttonous curiosity regarding what this brilliant life has to offer and you know there is much more to live, receive and give. If you know you are a seeker even if the exact experience you are seeking is still to be revealed. If you seem to face persistent challenges in this period of your life. If you are guided by the knowledge that you, together with others, will make the world a better place, creating space for everyone. If you ask yourself the question, how can the everydays be more effortless and more fulfilled, Then you are more than welcome to arrange an AlchemE Mentor™ call or in person appointment with Bri, and know by experience if this is what you want to co-experience. The official site is coming soon, click here

It is a unique process and may not be like other work you might have done before. It’s not a therapy, healing or coaching session. Bri doesn’t have answers that she will then ‘tell you’. Instead she will work with you and help guide you to awarenesses and solutions that can have a vast impact on how you experience the area of your life you wish to upgrade and how that impacts your entire life, your future and everyone around you.

A few excerpts from a call


I am so grateful to you for directing and showing me how to light up my world.
Jane Challinor

Oh my, Bri, thank you so much for freeing up this beautiful soul. Since our first session three weeks ago, the changes have been outstanding, we worked with business and wealth as all was so flat with little happening and In just 3 weeks 5 great business referrals have come out of nowhere, after 10 months, which I have signed up! I have also received 5 development opportunities in my new venture which is outstanding, 3 meetings booked as professionals want to see how they can refer me. Last week 3 more unreal development opportunities landed in my lap, it’s almost like being handed to me on a silver platter, wow! This is insane and spectacular beyond measure. So many changes and I’ve noticed I’m absolutely loving my friendships, there is an instant deeper connection with friends it is so beautiful and soulful there is so much more intimacy, ease and playfulness. Thank you Bri I am so grateful to you for directing and showing me how to light up my world. Thank you – Jane Challinor – Real Business Group

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