The muses of Symphony of Life

Muses of the Symphony of Life

This project was created to make a difference

Dreams come true

This projects has a very expansive vision that has effortlessly guided the flow of the execution. Every step of the artwork has been consciously and decisively chosen. It's necessary because it is here with a very precise intention to express a new experience. We are connected to a natural intelligence. Most of us have no idea about it. The same creative forces that govern nature, organise us, too. All dimensions, all the timeless space and information is part of it. That’s what everything starts first with!  Then several individual parts of this work were created by AI technology. Artificial intelligence is a huge subject by itself. I follow the natural rhythm. There is a perfect hierarchy expressed in that, where the order is pivotal. The natural leads! Artificial is part of it when it adds in some way to the whole!

After these few words let’s talk about the artwork.  I cut the AI pieces in several programs of the Creative Cloud family. I used only the parts that were coherent with the vision they are here to express. It’s like a collaboration where the collaborator and assistant comes up with astonishing, surprising and many times unpredictable ideas. I merged many pieces together so that they can be a cohesive part of the broader vision the product, service and experience has. All the individual pieces were consciously blended together with the expression of a specific consciousness broadcasting that vibration and resonance.

When I was creating portraits I worked with an Italian company. They work only with professional portrait photographers. I’m exhilarated to announce that we work together again on a different project this time! We are using their high quality, hand made in Italy premium products with the artworks on this page! If you are in Europe, the United States and Canada, usually the order and delivery is exceptional.. If you are in any other parts of the world, before ordering please ask us about it! 

You have two options here. The first one is a beautiful keepsake reveal box that contains 10 passpartouts with 10 individual pieces of the Symphony. It’s a magnificent gift. You can keep the box on a shelf and keep all the artworks in it. Change regularly which one you want to see in the front. You can also put the artworks individually on a shelf. You can also gift the whole box or the individual items to the people you love.

Size of the box: 36 x 44cm - 14.1732 x 17.3228" - Size of each passapartout: 27,9 x 35,6cm - 11 x 14"


The other magnificent option is the Magic of the nine muses. It’s a big passpartout with 9 windows. It includes all the 9 artworks, the whole symphony in the same image. The big passpartout is a high quality artwork. If you desire to welcome a special artwork in your home, you can order it now. You, who will have it in your proximity or gift these artworks to your loved ones, will be the real measurement and give the meaning to these artworks and what they represent for you. We want to hear about your experience!

Size of the big passepartout with 9 windows: 69,85 x 80,01cm - 27.5 x 31.5"  size of each window and artwork: 11,46 x 16,56 cm - 4.51 x 6.52"


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