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The wild feminine essence

Incredible unpredictability, an unreasonable wild creativity...

Etheric Women


We often give birth to doses of incredible unpredictability, an unreasonable wild creativity that nurtures a strong sense of belonging to something etheric manifested on Earth.

The conscious and desired outcome of these artworks were to offer a different perspective to the most commonly accepted femme fatale in culture. All of these pictures, women, and illustrations have some perfect imperfections that have contributed to them becoming a unique expression of the collection. Their variety adds even more richness to the whole.

Women perfectly imperfect

The most common question I’ve been asked is: why are they on a dark background?
I chose this because I wanted to emphasise the contrast. Contrast holds huge potential in life. It makes you experience a differential. In the artwork, it’s not only the intersection of the definite lines of gold and black, it is also the realisation that the colors define each other. They are part of each other, and they are in a complete synergy.

Woman in gold
gorgeous muslim woman

These pieces of the collection were intimately created with AI technology, together with digital painting, and graphic illustration. It’s a blend of a modern creative playground resulting in beautiful Chromaluxe HD metal prints.

Celestial woman artwork
Unique woman artwork

If you decide to buy the whole collection, it includes all the 9 pieces. All of them are museum quality Chromaluxe HD metal prints. Size: 24" x 34" each 61 x 87 cm each artwork.

Woman with golden eyes
Woman artwork

If you have a different vision and would like to welcome only a trio or 6 pieces, then please connect with us! We are thrilled to make your dream come true!

Black woman and white man hugging
The Forces of Creation

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