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You just know without understanding


Art is fluid, transmutable, open-ended, never complete, never perfect. Art is an event.

robert glenn

Diversity in Art

Art has so many forms. Here you find the energetic together with the visual expression of it. It can be experienced and transmitted. Love is a great tool that expresses something universal and everyone has their experience without any words needed! The language of love is energy and that is universal!

Recently I’ve had a special assignment. The message I received was “shut up and create :)))”. I prefer and love the raw and direct messages. For me it’s absolutely not conflicting with kindness. It’s kind because in directness, raw and realness there is a special caress. Someone cares. Sugar coating and pleasing can seem to be kind on the surface, it’s hiding truth. Not my truth or yours, just simply truth. Part of the assignment was also to find a way to make beauty necessary and to find a way to make necessity beautiful. Hmmm, that’s a very honouring assignment and a special responsibility. All the new services, artworks, ideas on this website are the manifestations of this. 


Last, but not least enjoy this one, too! You can find the magnificent world of  Anastasia here!


Giraffe mom giving a kiss to son

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