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Imagination is Reality and Reality is Imagination

Imagination becomes reality and reality becomes imagination.
Question your beliefs!

Reality and Imagination

The universal math formula is very simple:

Fantasy = Reality -> fantasiality

The more we rise to the power on the side of fantasy, adding a vision from a higher source, the more effortless, synchronistic and magical will be our experience of reality in this beautiful 4th dimension where we live.  Time is the 4th dimension. Life is not linear. The floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor.

Imagination and reality are all one

What does it mean? 

In reality there is no single objective reality. Is life an illusion? Well, everything depends on the way we experience it all is energy dependent. What is real is the vast energy field that connects all things.

Hmmm. It’s fascinating, isn’t it.?
we are living in a "supersystem"

You are what you observe and what you observe you are already participating with.
Donny Epstein

Love beyond the clouds

Giraffes in the living room

All the “imaginary” you find here was created based on the principle that life is basically an illusion. You are free to explore what that means for you and what that means for someone else you love. What do you want to observe? When you observe magic, you are magic. Will that inspire you to look for more miracles in life? 

Delightful miracles like the refreshing feeling of the first conscious breath in the morning. The sensation of the sun rays’ warmth on your skin. A flower blossoming. Gratitude for gratitude’s sake. The divine joy and love in the fabulous dance surrounding your family and loved ones. Your hunger fed by nourishment that comes from your divine purpose for creating value in the world.

If you want to remember  every day what the "illusion" means and you are inspired to explore more, and desire to have a sublime visual reminder on your wall, then you are more than welcome to click here and buy the Fine Art.

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