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Generally we are not accustomed to hear anything about health. Most of us pay attention to it when it seems there is a breakdown, loss or lack. When we hear and read about prevention, we think we are talking about health. In reality that's still about the disease. There is nothing to prevent when we really take into account the wholeness, the connection to everything and all

This Blooming health series was created to make you stop for a moment, take a profound breath from the field of energy and just observe. Look at the colors, the shapes, the textures. Witness the beauty in the space between them. Smell the fragrance of it. Experience the taste of health, how you hold your body, the way you walk. Experience the wholeness, the unforgettable beauty of nature!


Nature is based on harmony. We actually have to understand that it's cooperation versus competition.
bruce lipton

Living room with blooming health art

This post comes from Zach Bush: Disorder and disease do not define the whole you. No matter what condition you are living with, you are inherently a 99.999% healthy individual. For that reason, the community you surround yourself with should also see you as healthy. Your support system must be fully capable of embracing the whole you, always remaining curious about your spiritual development on this journey through life. As you move higher and higher up the stratosphere of health, your community will become your mirror, helping you in your pursuit of self. That level of care is bound to lead you to a rewarding experience. If you find your current support system is focused primarily on the .0001% of you manifesting a disorder or disease, you may want to consider diversifying that team to one that embraces the whole view. This lens of disease management will never lead you to the root cause of disease. When you back up far enough to see 100% of you as an individual, you allow yourself the opportunity to express yourself physiologically, spiritually, and emotionally. Arriving at that 30,000 foot view of who you are allows the recurrent patterns of disease to become more obvious.

These are the articles, posts and people I follow and these are the ones that invite me to be insatiably passionate about living! There are many people who talk about health!

If you don't know him yet, get to know him!

The posters

Many of you wanted to see the poster version of these. We've listened to you, so here they are.  As you see they have a new color profile which is vivid and vibrant. They are expanding. Other pieces will be added to this series soon. There are rolled versions and framed ones. If you desire to have them at home, in your practice, office or studio, you can easily buy them by clicking the button below.

the flower recognises it’s part of an echo system...
david martin - future dreaming

Blooming lungs
Blooming heart
Blooming spine

Emotion poster

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