Elephants in the Abbey of San Galgano, Italy



What spices does this experience add to your daily life?
Journal them!


When you look at this picture through the vision of fantasiality what can you see? What is its meaning for you? How does that influence the moment that you have the privilege to witness? 

What do you notice first?  Or do you skip over this image right away? 

Do you wonder, “What are elephants doing in Italy, in the magical space of the Abbey of San Galgano?  
Do you brush it aside, saying, ahhh it’s all fake; good old photoshop fakes our world. 

Can you see that in the end there is very little difference between humans, nature and the animal kingdom? Do you appreciate the hues and the colours? Do you notice the Milky Way’s subtle presence offering its universal guidance? Does it remind you of any memories of Tuscany that you will treasure forever? When you close your eyes can you caress the texture of the elephant’s skin… and with that, discover that you already know their story? 

Union of elephant mother-child love

Can you sense some magic? Can you see a miraculous mother-child bonding?
Union of Love

Can you hear the invisible birds’ melodies and the subtle chatter of unseen people witnessing the magic of creation? 

What spices does this experience add to your daily life? 

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