Cosmic bloom artwork on wall

Cosmic Bloom

and the probability waves

No matter what condition you are living with, you are inherently a 99.999% healthy individual
zach bush

All the possibilities

That statement is true for whatever area of life you feel like you are living a certain condition. Cosmic Bloom was born from the idea of illustrating a mystical, colorful celestial world blended with a human touch. The human view of nature's blossom with a very wide range of quantum possibilities. The vision was wild. The individual elements were created with the help of an open platform Ai technology that added the spontaneous, unpredictable aspect of the unbound potential. I redesigned some parts, blended them together to express the essence of what this artwork was meant to articulate. You, the audience, the host of the artwork, give the meaning!

Artwork Cosmic bloom

"Consider the possibility that the people who seem to slow us down and hold us back are actually preventing things from happening too fast. Imagine that the evolution of your life or our culture is Iike a pregnancy: It needs to reach its full term. Just as a child isn't ready to be born after five months of gestation, the New Earth we're creating has to ripen in its own time. The recalcitrant reactionaries who resist the inevitable birth are simply making sure that the far-seeing revolutionaries don't conjure the future too suddenly. They all serve the greater good." <- it's from Rob Brezsny's Pronoia.

We together help co-create that new world!

Artwork on the wall
detail of artwork

Many people ask me why flowers inspire me...

David Martin in Future dreaming answers for me:

"What the flower does, is the flower recognises it’s part of an echo system, and part of that echo system means that it needs to make itself available and fully visible in an aesthetic beautiful way, so that by expressing itself, it attracts other forms of life to it. And by attracting other forms of life to it, those other life forms actually have the ability to extract from the flower certain value: respite, sanctuary, food, security, a place to enjoy just the aesthetic beauty. And in the doing of that, the flower receives the essential pollination that actually persists and regenerates the next year’s flower.

The interesting thing, is the prayer of the flower, if you will, is make me so compellingly beautiful that the hummingbird and the butterfly and the bee actually find themselves a place to land on me. Spread the petals as far open as possible. Let every bit of light reflect of every surface of who I am! Fully visible! Hide nothing! And in that moment I have the capacity to invite other life to participate and engage and benefit. For whose benefit? 

The flower knows, that there is no time, because benefit is to everything in the system. And as a human I can take a step back and I can watch all this happen. And I can look at it and I can say this is not some remote possibility. This is not about the future. This is not about something that could happen if humanity got the right self help book. This is about looking at the way in which reality actually plays out. And saying, I bet, that if actually we built our playbook around that model, we might have a game worth playing...."

If you are still here on this page and you desire to have this limited series artwork -> only 10 available then they will never be printed again, then you can have it now! Museum quality acrylic print. They come with a numbered certificate of authenticity! 48x35”  123x90cm. If you are in the USA and Canada you can directly order here. Free shipping in those two countries. If you are in other parts of the world, please ask before ordering it!

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