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Everything is possible!
the probability waves

Celestial and real

This artwork is the testimony that even if I thought I knew anything about art, I just discovered what it means not even scratching the surface. That’s a humble moment of WOW what’s possible! It’s an integration of following and allowing a conscious energetic creation partly together with ai technology, digital painting, cropping, cutting collocating the pieces together and collaboration with two studios providing museum quality acrylic prints. 

museum quality artwork

Far too often we tend to believe in the hallucination of living in an objective reality. This reality is usually not a truly constructive one. I invite you to use your imagination! You are on a long train ride on the Orient Express. Of course, the train is decorated with many, many plants and flowers ;). You fall asleep. The train goes into a long tunnel. For some reason there is no electricity for a moment. You wake up in the tunnel. If you forget you are on a journey and think there is only darkness, with no constructive energy available to you at that moment, it will feel like a traumatic, lonely and disconnected experience. It is dark and feels like you have been abandoned. If you have more energy available, you might be curious and find the darkness kind of amusing. You might use your voice to curiously explore where other people are, and you connect with them. If there's even more energy available, it's an adventure that's part of a much bigger adventure. You remember it, and you know that something will reveal itself. You find it easy to connect with others, and you make the shared experience spicy and memorable for everyone. No one feels abandoned anymore! The source you are connected to is unlimited and charmingly inviting. It creates a dynamic shared experience. People will forever remember the specialness and details of the tunnel experience with joy and a vivid memory that reorganised what is possible for everyone.

May this work of art and every consciousness that connects with it be a testimony to the fact that everything is an illusion. It is not a train ride, it is a celestial world journey that expresses itself in your physical proximity. It only does so if you have a vision much greater than yourself, claim it and show up for it with commitment over and over again!

When you are ready for the journey, say yes and order a museum quality acrylic print for yourself and your loved ones!

museum quality artwork

If you desire to have this artwork ->  then with a click it can hold your vision! Museum quality acrylic print. They come with certificate of authenticity! 48x35”  123x90cm. If you are in the USA and Canada you can directly order here. Free shipping in those two countries. If you are in other parts of the world, please ask before ordering it!

The muses of Symphony of Life
Muses of the Symphony of Life

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