Health with Kasia

Blooming human heart artwork

instagram live with Kasia Lukasz about health

Life has everything in it. But you only see what your perception allows you to see.
Bruce Lipton

Health is such a wide dynamic container. It’s a wholeness, connection to everyone and everything, it’s healthy relationships and relatedness to all, it’s a baseline, when everything is organised from the higher order, and we are aligned to our nature, it happens. How many times do you witness health effortlessly happening? How many times do you engage with that? Is it more common for you to think of it as a prevention or as a way to avoid, what you don’t want to see happen? When you hear the word health, do you tend to automatically focus on disease or the ease of nature and how it’s perfectly organised and reorganised? These are several questions you can reflect on. I’ve chosen the Blooming Heart as the intro image, because Kasia shared in the video that it was her favourite.
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