Blooming health

Mixed media art lungs with flowers

Do you ever look at your body as the perfection of creation?

It is in the balancing of your spirituality with your humanity that you will find immeasurable happiness, success, good health, and love.
Steve Maraboli

If not yet, start it now 💥! What is more effective, listening to all the conditioning and living in fear, making fear based decisions, and seemingly being under control of the circumstances or considering also some novelty regarding the body, health, nature, your nature, the Earth, the Earth’s nature? Why not to add some new experience and knowledge from new sources? What if the body is really the perfection of creation and nature, and it does its best when we let it do what it’s best at. It’s capable of anything, many times the limit is the mind, and that’s only because it’s soooo conditioned and most of us doesn’t know anything about it, because it’s also sooooo automatic and not conscious at all. We all need to know more about the game we are playing otherwise we are automatically played and that’s not so much fun.
It’s time to be curious, very very very curious! If you are curious, contact me, you know where to find me!
Watch Heal on Netflix, listen to Bruce Lipton he makes everything soooo simple, listen to Zach Bush and there are so many other sources.