Why self care is not about you?

woman sitting in front of mirror

Does this sound controversial to you? It’s not.

Do you want to teach your loved ones how to value themselves and others…and I assume your answer is yes…then let’s begin with yourself. Do you truly accept and love yourself… do you know your own value?

What do you say to the voice in your head for example, when you are by yourself and have a good look at your self- image in the mirror? Do you stand in awe in front of nature’s majestic creation, or do you say mean things to yourself? The body you love or hate does many things for you every single day. What would you do without it on this beautiful planet? Have you ever paused to reflect on this reality? Your body deserves your acceptance and appreciation. One way to get closer to honouring your body when you see something in the mirror you could live without, is to compliment something else you see in your reflection that you like…and give it the importance it deserves!

Instead of focusing on the things you would like to change, try using a wider lens and acknowledging the truth about your existence ;).

Would you want to rag your children, co-workers, and friends for having done something wrong, and then turn around  and refuse to give them credit for what they’ve done right? C’mon! It’s not vain to show appreciation to the body that helps you achieve your goals, takes care of your loved ones, cooks, works or carries out all your actions and roles.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. The body changes as it transitions into the different phases of life. You don’t want to look like a babe for your whole life. The changes are natural, whatever they are, and whether you like it or not,  it doesn’t define who you are – you are not your body – you just got this precious entity for a borrowed length time and for a reason.

The little secret is that any way you look at it, it’s not your physical appearance that makes you a lovable, energetic and precious member of society. What makes you who you are is the value and the energy that you give to your environment…but without self care and self love, you won’t be able to truly provide that for the people you love either.

What makes you who you are is the value and the energy that you give to your environment…Remember that!

The greatest gift you give your loved ones is to show them that you matter. The concepts of self-love and self-confidence can only be mirrored if you value them in yourself.

That’s why it starts with you…you can’t skip the first step…but now you know why in the end, paradoxically, it’s absolutely not about you.

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