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Saving 200 EUR. This collection is designed for seekers who are called for a lot more. They are tenacious and they know there is an effortless way to impact the world in every given moment through every possible area of their life because they know, they need to be the change, we all want to see in the world. 

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It is a series of unique experiences that may not be like other work you might have done before. It’s not a therapy, healing or coaching session. Bri doesn’t have answers that she will then ‘tell you’. Instead she will work with you and help guide you to awarenesses and solutions that can have a profound impact on how you experience the area of your life you wish to upgrade and how that impacts your entire life, your future and everyone around you. It can be done both online and in person, so physical distance is absolutely not a challenge, it’s an opportunity to make this experience more global.
Every session is 35 minutes. The bundle includes 8 sessions.
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