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Divine Feminine and Masculine

Earthy Expression of Creation

What is the Future You whispering in your ears now?
Ask yourself!

Divine Feminine and Masculine

Do you take a fresh breath for a new perspective or do you plunge right in? What do you notice first? What does that tell you? Does it reveal anything about yourself? What story does it tell you about the artwork? What does it let you know about the world?

There’s the magic of creation, the feminine and masculine energy of creation incarnated to express harmony on Earth. Two crystallized light sources that we call the body flowing in sacred unity.

Fine art detail on gallery art wall

The indimenticabile fragrance of Timeless Spring, the flowers in full bloom. Infused polarities expressing the impossible folding into a possibility and together creating reality that carries all the gifts and opportunities of humanity. When reality unfolds, what message does it have for you, for your loved ones? Can you touch that message? What is the Future You whispering in your ears now? Can you sense its taste? What does the whisper smell like?

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Divine feminine and masculine full image
Artwork on the wall

Artwork in a living room

Elephants in the Abbey of San Galgano, Italy


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